Hey there! My name is Andrew William Howard, but you can call me Drew. I love making art out of memories. I’m passionate about filmmaking and creative collaboration and find joy in all of my projects. Mother nature is a blessing and it’s one of my favorite subjects to film or photograph. My family, friends, and fur-buddies are close behind!

At an early age it became my life’s mission to turn my passion into a career. It all started with a YouTube channel and quirky short stories. With age and experience, I developed a taste for experimental films and artistic edits of existing footage. More recently I’ve become enthralled with filming and editing music videos!

Over the years, I have completed and participated in a diverse range of projects like commercials, documentaries, medical training, weddings, short films, feature films, music videos, and artistic compilations!

Please contact me if you are interested in a unique video of your own!

I’ve had the most incredible experience working for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin this past year. While being part of a production team I filmed & edited medical training videos, procedures, lectures, fundraisers and more. So many lessons and miracles captured over this past year. Please take a look at my CHW Demo Reel of 2016!

Be Enthusiastic! (Trailer)
Two estranged brothers try to reconnect while camping at their childhood home.

Last year I documented my trip to Ixtapa, Mexico. Take a look and explore the tropical world of Central America!

Wood Chickens – Full Speed Ahead